Potent techniques to Reprogram your mind & uplevel your energy!

EFT Tapping Videos + Meditations!

Do you ever feel scared to embrace who you truly are? Do you feel scared to let big, beautiful, bright version of you who has big dreams be seen by others…? 

That’s why I created this life-altering package for you! 

These tools will help you fully embrace your ‘too much’ness!

You will feel confident to own your desires and speak your truth & life differently than those around you! 

It will create such a shift for you that you won’t try hard so hard to ‘fit it’ and be ‘normal’, when you actually feel different than others?

I know you care deeply about others… so I understand that you fear that others will feel uncomfortable around you if you shine so bright… 

When you use these tools, you will inevitablibly shift to a higher vibration, FEEL worthy of your desires and attract your big dream with ease! 

Side effects of these tools: You will feel energized, worthy, confident, in go-mode and want to shout your experience from the roof top!!

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Balance + Confidence

in less than 8 minutes!

Tap Into An Aligned, Thriving Life!

Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to 

release emotional & energy blockages! 


Tap away self-doubt and insecurities – easily & quickly!

What Are The Benefits Of EFT?

  • It is simple and quick.

  • Clears limiting beliefs on a subconscious level

  • It releases energy blockages

  • It drastically reduces stress.

  • It gives you the power to heal yourself.

  • Low-cost for huge benefits 


Fully Trust Yourself

Having self-doubt?? Not anymore! This EFT sequence will make you feel confident in your decision making, feel inspired and ready to take action in your next steps!

Tap Into Your Authentic Self

Are you trying to 'fit it' and 'be normal'?? --- The world doesn't need another cookie cutter.. they need YOU! This EFT sequence will empower you feel proud of who you are & embrace your own truth! Go from hiding to shining!

Embrace Your Worthiness

Are your dimming your greatness?? Feel disempowered? This EFT sequence will activate your confidence and self-worth! You will own your worthiness and connect to your inner power!

Uplevel Your Mindset & Energy

Feeling depleted often?? Stuck in a fear-based mindset?? This EFT sequence will elevate your mind & body to feel energized, motivated and balanced!



These meditations were created to help you sit back, slow down and replenish your energy.

They will take you on a journey to relaxation and alignment.

4 Guided Meditations For:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Calms your nervous system 

  • Go on a spiritual journey 

  • Embrace energetic healing 

  • Promotes self-discovery 

  • Increase your spiritual connection

  • Feel peaceful and energized 

  • Enhance your intuition 

  • It's AMAZING for mental health

What Are The Benefits Of Meditation?

Mindset + Emotions + Energy + Spiritual Connection = Aligned, Thriving Life!!

Are You Ready For An Aligned Life?!

4 Tapping Exercises + 4 Meditations

On demand – Lifetime access!


$100 OFF!

Kendra - Fade To White

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a holistic therapy to release emotional distress and energy blockages in your energy field. 

You simply tap on certain areas of your body (your face in this case) to stimulate energy points of the body.  While you are tapping, I guide you through powerful statements/affirmations to reprogram your mind & reduce emotional tension. 

When you tap on these points it sends a signal directly to your stress centre in your brain (amygdala), thus reduces negative emotions or stress. 

By tapping on these certain energy points (similar to acupuncture) you will balance your energy and reprogram your neuroplasticity in your brain. This is the part of the brain that is able to change, adapt and function to enhance our life with healthy self-care practices. 

EFT is used to support you to connect to a new frequency to match your desire; rewire your mind of self-limiting beliefs & restore balance in your energy! 

It’s so quick & easy + POWERFULl!! 

It’s easy, simple and quick!  It’s one of the most potent techniques to align your energy, mindset + say affirmations.  I’ll guide you through the whole thing! 

  1. At the beginning of the EFT sequence you will notice I touch on ‘negative emotions’, ultimately the mindset and fears we want to overcome. 
  2. We will then start saying affirmations to accept your situation & yourself. 
  3. Then we will tap on 7 points on your face/chest to resolve the negative emotions and fears to repair your energy. 
  4. I will guide you to shift your thoughts to be uplifted & aligned!
  5. You will finish feeling refreshed, elevated & inspired!

No worries at all! I created them for those who feel this way!

I have designed these meditations to actually help you settle in, so your body can calm down & your overactive mind can have a break. 

Meditation isn’t the process of ‘not thinking’, it’s about guiding your mind back when it wonders & pivoting your thoughts to the guided meditation. 

For maximum benefits, I highly suggest using the same tapping video 3-5x a week. 

Use a meditation audio daily, or as often as want!

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