Expand Your Light

Spiritual and Personal development course

Are You Ready To Feel better & gain clarity within your life?!

Do you feel, sense and know things around you but struggle to listen to your intuition or know what you are sensing?

Are you ready to accept, admit and experience your spiritual gifts to help yourself, and possibly others too??

Would you feel comforted getting signs from a loved one who has passed over?

You know you have spiritual gifts now, it’s time to ignite them & share them with the world!  

Let’s take your spirituality & personal growth to the next level! Be seen, held & supported in ways you have never been! You will finally unravel your abilities and feel more purpose in life!


We will transform your life from something you must control or conquer, and pivot into being a living expression of radiant love & divine energy!

Embark On This Journey Below!

Very Limited Spots Available!

Begins October 19, 2022

Begins September 20!

Bi-Weekly, Monday's

Some benefits include:

  • Feeling peaceful and trust in your life always, even in chaos
  • Feel empowered in your life
  • Confidently trust yourself
  • Overcome limiting beliefs & normalize your spiritual experiences
  • Understand the spiritual world
  • Get yourself spiritual guidance on demand
  • Energetic & spiritual protection for overwhelming emotions & energy vampires 
  • Understand the signs from the Universe & what is trying to tell you
  • Connect with loved ones that have passed away
  • Meet your spirit team
  • And tons more!

You will learn:

  • Authentic meditation techniques to strengthen your connection to the Divine
  • How to connect with loved ones on the other side, your Angels, Guides, & Master Guides
  • How to manage your energy, emotions, and mindset
  • How to plan your life with the Universe’s energy, so you use your time most efficiently with the most results
  • The art of surrendering to life’s timing
  • Get spiritual guidance on demand!
  • How to read someone’s energy
  • How to perform a spiritual reading  
  • How to connect to all levels of Consciousness: earth, animals, and beyond
  • 4-key steps to create magic in your life
  • Ascension symptoms, as you expand & shred your old identity 
  • Profound technique to reprogram your belief system
  • And SO MUCH MORE!! 

Course Includes:

  • A LIVE class on Zoom with experiential exercises in class
  • Bi-weekly (Wednesday evenings, for 7 weeks)
  • PDF Manual with course modules 
  • Accountability assignments
  • Private Facebook Group
  • BONUS:   (2) – 1:1 sessions for 30 minutes with me to ensure support throughout this powerful spiritual & personal growth! (Must be booked within course timeframe)

2 Options:

$333 for 6 Monthly Payments

- OR -

Just $1,997!

4 Monthly Payments of $667
($2668 Total)

- OR -

Pay In Full & Save Over $70!
A One-Time Investment of$2597

connect with yourself on a soul level, receive messages from Divine Beings, and truly dive into your highest way of life!

"As soon as I read the first line of info on Expand Your Light, I was in, and I don't regret it! Kendra is a wealth of knowledge and provided us with a ton of expansive information. I learned how to physically protect my own energy, and no longer feel completely drained, exhausted, and nauseated after listening to someone share a heartbreaking story. I had literally been taking on their energy every time without even knowing it. I have expanded into gifts I didn't know existed, and feel so much more connected to the spiritual realm. I was able to use these gifts to share an incredibly powerful and healing message with an old friend - which was completely unexpected! This is the start of something amazing - and I am so grateful Kendra was able to guide me in this journey."

Kim Stevens

Embark Wellness