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Kendra is such a ray of sunshine! Her smile is instantly inviting and leaves you feeling at ease within minutes of conversation. Her words are honest, tender and perfectly executed.

Ange D.


I’ve experienced more clarity and shifts than I could’ve possibly imagined.  I couldn’t think of a better person to work with than Kendra.

Ania O.

Hi Friend!!

My name is Kendra.
I am a medium, energy healer, and spiritual coach. I am an ex mental health counsellor who took my passion for helping others and combined it with my spiritual gifts to create Champagne Life! My mission is to help people discover their true potential and unlock the happiness and success they have always wanted to find in their lives. And here's the fun part - it's usually hidden in plain sight! If this sounds like something you are interested in discovering I would LOVE to connect with you!

What You'll Gain From Joining


Cosmic & Energetic Updates

Wonder why you might be feeling a certain way this week? Let me help you understand the energy that surrounds you!


Energetic Clearing and Cleansing

If you're finding yourself not feeling like yourself, let's fix you up! Simple weekly energy work can help you feel good, more often!


Coaching & Spiritual Guidance

Live Q&A, spiritual guidance, coaching, and tips & tricks to help you overcome challenges, stay high vibe and sail through your week!


A Sacred Containter To Connect

Join my container where you can connect with other like minded individuals, build relationships and grow together!

Give yourself an energetic refresh Every Week!

I’ll see you inside!

Kendra G.

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Join Me Live Every Tuesday, Or Watch The Replay!

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