You're Invited!

To a one of a kind new moon party!

A Special Collaboration!

A Special Collaboration Between:

Share a special night of grounding, empowerment & awakening!

Join us in the beautiful energy of the Scorpio new moon where we will be joining together with Kendra from Champagne Life, Taegan from Spirit Collab, and Jordana from Ignite Within as we bring in a new moon celebration unlike one you’ve ever attended before.

This event is nothing short of extraordinary as we include elements of meditation, sacred crystal knowledge, divine inspiration channeled from Spirit, ritual practice, and a special guest who is channelling the very special Mary Magdalene.

There are even chances to win the entire collection of Spirit Collab’s latest crystal bracelets as well as discount codes from our most favourite and special partners. 

This event will offer you the gift of connection with yourself, Spirit and like-minded people!

We are hosting this opportunity via Zoom, so enjoy this fantastic event from the comfort of your own home. Sweats or fancy clothes are welcomed! Bring a notebook and your favorite drink to embrace the experience!

This is a live, virtual event will take place Thursday, November 4 at 6:30p.m. CST.  

* Approx. 2.5hrs

*Replay is available to watch & purchase for 1 week after event! 

The cosmic energy brings in a transformative energy! This event will offer healing & empowerment to support you to make progress in any areas in our lives where we feel stuck, uncertain, or in an “in-between” phase. 

Let’s gather to ground into our roots, and set intentions, so we can expand beyond the ordinary!!


  • Sound Bowl Healing
  • Seated Yoga
  • Meditation 
  • Scared crystal information
  • How to set intentions 
  • New moon ritual
  • How to live life in flow: balancing masculine & feminine energy
  • Channelled message from Mary Magdalene 
  • Connection with like-minded people
  • Discounts & prizes


  • You will feel grounded, connected to yourself & Spirit, uplifted, connected to your power, rejuvenated & energized.
  • You will learn new ways to use crystals
  • Your mind, body and soul will feel aligned, integrated and at peace
  • You will feel empowered in your life
  • You’ll feel a sense of inner peace, refreshed, hope, and lighter!

Admission Is Only $33!

But Grab Your Tickets Soon - Limited Spots Available!

Meet Your Hosts:

Spirit Collab

Taegan is a spiritual creative who is obsessed with bringing spiritual tools and knowledge to her customers and empowering them in their own spiritual path. She’s a big dreamer, a thinker, and innovator leading us to understand that she suits her aquarius sun and sagittarius rising very well! Her business, Spirit Collab, has just launched a brand new crystal bracelet collection as well as a brand new website where she is offering crystals, crystal grids, and other empowering tools to help each of you on your path of healing and growth. Her mission is to inspire others to embrace the divine, rediscover their power, and learn all about the magic that this beautiful world has to offer. You can find her on Instagram at @spiritcollab and at her website 


Taegan will be giving us a crystal introduction workshop as well as leading us through a short ritual where we will set intentions on this new moon with our crystals.

Ignite Within

Hello I am Jordana Daytona, Reiki Master, Psychology Trauma informed yoga teacher, intuitive medium, and Gemstone Mala necklace creator. I am guide/ coach in this life for self-connection, discovery, soul purpose, self-love & intimacy. I help you navigate to find the kindling inside of you to ignite the fire you have been awaiting to live! 

You may be feeling the urge, push or voice to move into the next level version of our divine grounded self, but not sure how to move past the obstacles or habits, having support along the way is A gift to have a like-minded soul holding non-judgmental space. Guidance in all types of way to truly see one’s self in body, mind, and soul- coming together as a unified strong empowered human.

Are you ready to step into the next level you? 

I offer Reiki level 1 and 2 certifications, 1-1 spiritual Coaching, Dynamic healing and empowerment sessions, and online Yoga series!

I am a Spiritual Psychic Medium and Transformational Coach. I am also an old soul, freedom seeker, and a fire sign! I have a purpose in this lifetime to blend Science and Spirituality together, and have fun along the way! I have a background in Social Work and astrology, which is the science component and I have advanced knowledge & connection with the Spiritual world - so I blend everything I know together to empower others in every aspect of their life! I am on a mission to normalize & simplify spirituality, because we all have the ability to connect & feel aligned! I take my clients on a journey on incredible self-discovery and empowerment,  so they can truly embrace ALL parts of themselves, and create their most fulfilling life! 


Kendra offers spiritual readings, 1:1 personal & spiritual coaching, courses for awakening your gifts and her newest package, Aligned Life to help you feel balanced & confident!