Enhance Your Next Chapter

Full Moon Ritual + Energy Clearing + Soul Retrieval

Wednesday, March 8 @ 6:30p.m. CST

In this event, you will:

Complete a Full Moon ritual

Receive a energy clearing

Receive a soul retrieval treatment to bring back your power and parts of your self.

Healing will be activated, your Goddness will rise, and something bigger will occur in your life!


– Please bring a cleansing tool (smudge, palo santo, etc)
– A jar of water 
– 3 little flowers 
– A quartz crystal 
(Located on Zoom)
There is no one like you in the world, you are unique and gifted for a reason, with a purpose.
The bravest thing we can do is be ourselves and utilize our infinite power!
Connection makes miracles happen!

Accelerate Your Timeline

Liberate yourself and set your bar higher

What To Expect:

Life-changing questions: 

A problem cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness it was created in. Ask better questions and get better answers.

Feel the activating emotions: 

In order to feel the right emotions, we first must uncover what we are actually feeling below the surface. Where are we feeling it? What is it telling us?

Develop steps to make it happen 

After we start asking better questions and truly understand where we are emotionally charged, we can begin to create action steps to move towards where we want to be. 


We will spend our time together getting grounded and relaxed in our energy.

We will discuss the intense energy around the eclipse and new moon; what you might be feeling, and how to harness it. 

We will then move into a channeled message for you

And finally we will work through my 12 Point Process to seize the opportunity and Accelerate Your Timeline over the next 12 months!



I am coming!

Meet Your Guide:

Kendra Gerein is a spiritual psychic medium and empowerment coach. She is also an old soul, freedom seeker, and a fire sign! Kendra has a purpose in this lifetime to blend science and spirituality together, and have fun along the way! She has a background in Social Work and astrology, which are the science components; and she have advanced connection & knowledge with the spiritual world. 

Kendra is on a mission to normalize & simplify spirituality because she believes everyone has the ability to connect to their higher power & feel aligned!

Kendra takes her clients on a journey of incredible self-discovery and empowerment,  so they can truly embrace ALL parts of themselves, and create their most fulfilling life! 

Kendra offers spiritual readings, 1:1 personal + spiritual coaching & programs to help you feel empowered, aligned, balanced & confident!