Enhance your energy!

Wednesday, December 1 @ 6p.m. CST

It has been a long, tough season of life for many! As beautifully sensitive people we are feeling the affects & are overloaded, scattered and unbalanced within our energy.

This event offers you a very exclusive ‘energy enhancement treatment’ by an Intuitive Energy Sage Master, Doug Purcell! 

He has offered to extend his one-of-a-kind ‘energy enhancement treatment’ to YOU!

He will also teach you quick new tools to align your energy on a daily basis!

Just come sit back, enjoy & receive a treatment that will align your energy like never before!


  • Supreme wisdom from a energy master
  • Techniques to access your highest frequency to aligned your mind, body & soul
  • A treatment to enhance your energy
  • Empathic techniques to manage your energy
  • Authentic connection with like-minded people
  • A safe place to experience a shift in your frequency


  • A feeling of deep inner peace!
  • Alignment within your energy & chakras
  • You’ll feel regulated, peaceful & rejuvenated!
  • You’ll feel blessed to receive such a sacred energy treatment
  • Your mind, body and soul will feel integrated as one again!
  • You’ll feel a sense of calm, refreshed, lighter and empowered. 

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Doug Purcell

Intuitive Energy Sage Master

My journey began along time ago when I was a young boy upon the prairies.

Everything seemed to change in a moment, that has stayed with me till this day. 

A long time passed before I met my first teacher, it appeared that I had been missing obvious signs (looking back on it now). 

My journey has taken me around to parts of the world; sitting with some amazing sages and teachers like Lamas and those of the energy arts – sometimes combined all in one. 

I still tried to fit in, but it was similar to a round peg fitting into a square hole! Until one day when I surrendered to Spirit and let it drive, trusting the unseen fully. Spirit just kept repeating get ready over and over and over. 

Learning great teachings and traveling around the world continued with tweaks here and there… all eventually pointing to the infinity of teaches which seemed to been forming me into the Intuitive Sage Energy Healer I am today. 

The most challenging was Egypt for me, as it is full of fire energy. India was gentle with its purity of light. I loved sitting in the vibration of the ones that went before me – amazing spaces in the temples that remain pure in their nature of beauty. In India I was welcomed home discreetly by one of our guides and we became instant friends.

One day the same sensation in vibration occurred and encouraged me to keep exploring it, into a teaching and guiding me to be more interactive with the learnings.

For years the guides and my team have been telling me to ‘keep getting ready’…. 

As I continued to interact with my guides and team,  the steps of the teachings (this energy enhancement treatment) was revealed…

And now, they have been saying ‘you’re now ready Douglas, you’re now ready’, so I am offering my teachings to others!

So here we are at the beginning of new steps, and a new modality that contain Alignment, Frequency, Vibration and of course Energy. One fits within the other yet offers its own to the whole…

This process welcomes you on your journey, where ever you are on your path to fully connection!