Are you wanting to embrace your truest self and achieve your wildest dreams??

I am eager to support you in finding the most powerful, superior version of yourself that is waiting to be discovered! The world needs you!  


Each session is aimed to give you huge personal growth, assist you to reach your goals, and realign you to your highest version of yourself; so you can truly taste the sweet aroma of life!


To truly Uncork Your Potential we will incorporate a strong blend of

  • spiritual guidance 
  • mindset coaching 
  • holistic methods and techniques
  • energy healing & clearing
  • crystal healing techniques
  • reprogramming limiting beliefs
  • traditional counselling approaches
  • astrology elements 
  • quantum physics techniques
  • birth chart readings information
  • law of attraction techniques
  • manifestations tools
  • generational trauma clearing
  • inner child work

In these sessions you will break free of limiting beliefs, overcome unhelpful doubts & fears, and discover what your life purpose is! As you learn more of who you are, you will become more intentional with your time, habits and relationships. These sessions will help you further succeed and empower you to gain power & happiness back in your life!


We will filter your life so you can crush out your biggest dreams!


Do you feel stuck right now? Or ask yourself ‘Why do I do the things I do?!’ or ‘Why does this situation bug me so much?!’ 

We can easily find these answers for you!

I will fully support and encourage you as you take action on your life! You can expect deep healing and huge personal transformation throughout our time together! 


If you have been looking for someone to challenge you and help you live a more fulfilling life then this is an opportunity for you! I am here to show you how to embrace your uniqueness and spark more potential within you! 

If you are ready for a change of perspective on what’s holding you back, and wanting to connect with your life mission, then let’s begin!  


~ Accountability assignments will be given to keep your momentum and growth going

~ Complimentary EFT & Meditation package 

~ Complimentary Self-love & Shadow Journal 

~ We will meet every 3 weeks for 6 months

~ Stay comfy and cozy in your own sacred place 


If you’re ready to Uncork Your Potential in this wild world;

6 months:

  • A session every 2-3 weeks 
  • Ongoing email support between our sessions.
  • BONUS: Unlimited texting support
  • BONUS: Aligned Life EFT & Meditation Package
  • $3,800

* Contact me to book a FREE  15 min discovery call!

1.  Pay in full and Save $400 – A one time payment of $3,800!

2.  Monthly Payment Plan:  (6) payments of $700/month. 

3.  50% due upon registration and 50% due 1 month after booking.

What Past Clients Say

"My sessions with Kendra is what I didn’t know I actually needed. With Kendra’s methodology I was able to reflect on my life in a deeper way than I thought I was capable of. Her approach was professional, intuitive and very effective. I felt comfortable sharing personal experiences and expressing my raw, uncomfortable, and buried emotions. I was given a variety of questions to reflect on that allowed me to uncover reasoning for some of my conditioned behaviors. Kendra was able to create links between my current struggles to past experiences and behavioral trends that I seemed unable to make myself. Kendra helped me to explore and set short-term attainable goals to improve my emotional and spiritual self. Prior to my session with Kendra I knew nothing about astrology and was skeptical that “everyone’s reading was the generic same old thing”. I couldn’t believe how precisely relevant the reading was to my life. I had chills. The reading was very in depth and informative. You have to give it a try! I would absolutely recommend booking a session with Kendra as she is a holistic ‘jack-of-all trades’ when it comes to personal development and life coaching. You won’t regret it! "
Kimberly S.
I started working with Kendra only a couple of months ago, and already, I’ve experienced more clarity and shifts than I could’ve possibly imagined. I started the year feeling a little lost with the direction of my business and kept experiencing the same limiting beliefs resurface time and time again. I knew it was time to get some support, and I couldn’t think of a better person to work with than Kendra. 

Kendra is a gifted coach and medium, and during our sessions, we were able to start unravelling my limiting thought patterns and start creating more empowering ones. Through Kendra’s guidance and channeling, I’ve also been able to start understanding my soul’s desire and purpose and work on creating a business that aligns with it. I’ve also received tools that I can easily use on my own to ground myself and connect with my inner wisdom whenever I need. 

Overall, I feel lighter, more energized, inspired, and confident than I have felt in years. In the past month, I’ve taken actions that I’ve been avoiding in my business, and even worked with a beta client providing a service that really lights me up. I’m really looking forward to the rest of my sessions with Kendra and am just so excited to be part of the safe, empowering, and truly transformative space she has created!

Thank you, Kendra!
Ania O.
If I could only choose one word to describe my experience working with Kendra in a 1:1 format, it would be transformational. There are two overarching reasons why our working relationship had such an impact on me. Firstly, Kendra exercises a holistic approach when working with her clients. She advises on every aspect of your life that will ultimately enable your long term growth and development. She helped me balance my ambition and understand repeating life lessons to achieve a sense of inner peace and wellbeing. Secondly, is simply the person Kendra is. She is willing to go above and beyond to deliver results for her clients. She truly takes pride in her work and the growth of her clients.
Erika G

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