How I Went From Hiding To Shining!

All my life I have been ‘physically little’. Even today, I am only 5 ft, some inches tall. 

This always gave me permission to ‘hide’ whenever I wanted to. In my house, in a classroom, on stage, in pictures, etc. 

As a Social Worker, I know that every ‘problem’ we have, actually provides benefits in some unique way — My skin condition helped me to hide!

I felt like no one understood my condition; and I never felt that sense of belonging with the ‘normal people’. This caused me to feel misunderstood, frustrated and wanting to hide even more!  

Although I have always been physically little, people tell me I am energetically big…. That made me want to be even smaller!

In adulthood I continued to hide. I never looked in the mirror, I certainly never took selfies, I never commented on someone’s post, all for the sake of wanting to hide (from myself and others). I should mention that this was a very subconscious thought… I could always put some kind of logic to the moment to justify that this was not the truth for me.

However, my whole life I have been dedicated to solving the root cause of my skin condition and trying to understand myself why I do what I do on the deepest level possible! 

And I achieved that!

I realized I continued to struggle because professionals, my loved ones, nor myself knew how to nurture my whole self properly. Therefore I kept wrecking myself perpetually trying to ‘be normal’! 

My truth is that I am a very sensitive person because I am incredibly connected energetically and spiritually to the world around me! I feel, sense and have an inner knowing about the world.


I took it upon myself to uplevel my life in adulthood and to get myself well in different ways!

Through holistic healing practices, energy healing techniques, personal discoveries, my Social Work degree, astrology, and spiritual awakening – I am now fully integrated with the truest version of me! 

I have discovered all of the parts that make me unique, and therefore the root cause to my struggles and my soul purpose. 

I feel a sense of belonging to the world that I never felt before. 

It was through self-discovery and self-acceptance of my gifts that I can now stand in my power with confidence like I never thought possible! 

The way I help people lights me up daily! 

The more I offer my own gifts to the world, and stop trying to fit in, the healthier, more aligned and gifted I become. In turn, miracles trickle into my life and more people like me are attracted to my energy!

I believe everyone has gifts that are awaiting to be discovered for them! But until we understand those gifts, we can keep ourselves in a state of suffering and dis-ease. 

The spiritual message that changed my life was that I was doing a disservice to the world by not sharing my gifts!

I believe this is true for everyone!! 

We all have gifts waiting to ignite within us that we just need to learn, understand, accept and utilize! 

This is why I created a 6 Week Course for you! So you too can discover the essence of your gifts!  So you can feel true to you, aligned and more powerful than you ever knew yourself to be!

What if by just being you, you could help others effortlessly and bring more possibilities into your life!? 

Click below for details on why this course is a perfect way to start standing in your power and gifts! Welcome to a bright, light, new future self!

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