Could you benefit from your glass being filled with a new perspective, motivation, crystal clear clarity, energetic update,  love and inspiration?! 


This session is a rich blend of spirituality with a splash of fun! As a psychic medium and spiritual transformational coach, I am able to bring you messages to help you discover more about yourself and give you a plan to move forward. This is a time where you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy what messages are received for your highest and greatest purpose! 

We will have a chance to discuss about past events that are troubling you; present situations that you need guidance and/or clarity to help you step into your future with ease and confidence! We will connect with your higher Spirit guides to help find ways you can connect with them on your own, and inform you of how they have already been communicating with you! 


If you’re like me, you want answers!

I totally get it; so feel free to write down ANY questions that you have and we will ask the powers that be to give you what you need! 

Regardless, I guarantee you will leave the session feeling a crisp sense of purpose and ready to add more abundance into your life!  


When you invest to Fill Your Glass Up; you will reconnect with your mind, body and spirit!


Let’s share this opportunity to put a new flavor of meaning, light and love back into your glass, so you can enjoy the finer things in life! 

~ A complimentary Angel Card will be served with your session 
(it pairs well with motivation and inspiration)

~ Stay comfy and cozy in your own sacred place


If you’re ready to add a new flavor into your life that leaves you feeling rejuvenated; determined, connected and balanced, then…

60 minutes. $333.

Kendra is such a ray of sunshine! Her smile is instantly inviting and leaves you feeling at ease within minutes of conversation. Her words are honest, tender and perfectly executed.
Her reading was accurate and insightful delivered with a compassionate tongue. She was able to validate several things in my life and gave me a sense of ease that things are exactly as they should be.
Her explanation of her reading at the start not only offers information on mediumship but puts your mind at ease of what to expect. The sacred space was developed early in conversation allowing openness and privacy. She pulled a few cards for me at the beginning of the reading and not surprisingly they were validating the messages I had received from spirit. A Beautiful kind Blossoming medium!
Ange D.
Kendra said things that really resonated with me. Before I went into the reading I asked my deceased grandfather to bring up the topic of music since he loved to play two musical instruments. Low and behold...she picked up the tarot card that was related to music. When Kendra spoke, she used words or sayings only my grandfather would say. Kendra gave me great insight and I would highly recommend her for a reading!​
Bobby-Jo S.
For the last few years I had been struggling to figure out how to advance my career. It was my wife that suggested that I meet with Kendra to see if she could help me figure out some of the roadblocks I was experiencing. I can admit that I was skeptical because I didn’t know how a medium was going to help me figure out life problem but I decided to give it a try.

I met with Kendra in her home which was set up so that we could chat in a comfortable and relaxing space. She quickly eased my mind by explaining the process she goes through during a reading. We spent about an hour together chatting. During this time she was able to identify many areas of struggles I was experiencing in life including work, home and even pain I had in my body.

She then provided realistic feedback on how I can make improvements to these areas. The information she was able to draw upon floored me. I left Kendra’s home feeling like I had just spent an hour chatting with an old friend. I had more clarity and a plan for action. My only regret is that I hadn’t prepared more questions before our time together.
Raymond N.
My experience with Kendra was inspiring, and made me reflect on loved ones I’ve lost. It helped me come to terms with those that have passed.

An unexpected result of my session with Kendra was the healing I got for the physical pain I was experiencing. After months of massage therapists, physiotherapy, and acupuncture, 1 session with Kendra released a deep pain I had been experiencing in my shoulder for months! Kendra was unaware of this pain prior to the session, but during the session she asked if I had injured on my shoulder. She then told me the pain would release through my thumb in 2 weeks. At around that time my thumb felt like it was going to explode for 2 days. On the 3rd day I woke up and my shoulder and thumb pain were gone. I am grateful for Kendra's ability to help me release blocked energy, which has helped me heal mentally as well as physically.

This was my first session with a medium and I am grateful it was with Kendra!
Tom M.

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