My reading with Kendra was exactly what I needed. She made me feel comfortable and explained everything clearly. Grief can often feel suffocating and lonely but knowing that your loved ones who have passed on are still with you and paving a path for you is something everyone should know and experience. Kendra did that for me, she gave me the utmost peace of mind and I am forever grateful for her. — Cierra Z.

Kendra is such a ray of sunshine. Her smile is instantly inviting and leaves you feeling at ease within minutes of conversation. Her words are honest, tender and perfectly executed. Her reading was accurate and insightful delivered with a compassionate tongue. She was able to validate several things in my life and gave me a sense of ease that things are exactly as they should be. Her explanation of her reading at the start not only offers information on mediumship but puts your mind at ease of what to expect. The sacred space was developed early in conversation allowing openness and privacy. She pulled a few cards for me at the beginning of the reading and not surprisingly they were validating the messages I had received from spirit. A Beautiful kind Blossoming medium! — Ange D.

When I went into my reading with Kendra I remember not even knowing what to expect.  I was very anxious about what kind of information she would give me and if it would be accurate for me.  I was blown away by how comfortable she made me feel and how everything she said resonated with me.  This reading was such a powerful experience and it gave me the confidence to make simple changes in my life that have had a such a positive impact on me.  I would recommend Kendra to anyone who is even just curious about readings or coaching. — Aunna-Marie B.

In March 2020, I had the opportunity to have a reading with Kendra Gerein. I’ve always been open to that type of thing but never had one done. Earlier that day I had a hair and aesthetics appointment as I was leaving on a trip for Mexico the next day. The entire day I was cold as an ice cube and also had a burning/bitter sensation at the tip of my tongue like when you’ve drank too much coffee.

When I arrived for my reading with Kendra she had me seated in a slightly dark room lit with candles and a lamp. She left for a few minutes so I could settle in. I started to feel very warm but increasingly felt discomfort in my breathing – to the point of being anxious. When Kendra entered the room she said “I hope you don’t mind that I cranked the heat up in here, I’ve been feeling really cold all day”.  Heads up for me. She also told me she had a burning sensation on her tongue for the last few minutes …. heads up again!

She explained how the reading would go and said it was up to me to identify who I felt we were connecting with (she already knew). My breathing got worse and she mentioned something that described by dad to a T, it immediately brought tears to my eyes, as I knew she and I were connecting with my dad who had passed away three years earlier from stage 4 emphysema that developed into lung cancer. He was also a heavy coffee drinker.

Once I identified that it was my dad we were connecting with, the information flowed and I was overwhelmed with all that he told me through her. Lots of it had to do with my oldest boy who suffered a brain injury in 2005. Other things she mentioned had to do with my self image, and my new partner of almost 2 years at the time (who my dad never met) who treats me like a queen. Kendra told me that dad sent him to me…I believe this as I’ve seen many similarities between my dad and him in sense of humour, benevolence and optimism…something I needed desperately in my life after my dad died. I could say more but don’t want to be too long-winded!

There were so many things that resonated with me that Kendra could not have known about. Her abilities as a medium are solidified in my mind! — Shannon V.

Kendra said things that really resonated with me. Before I went into the reading I asked my deceased grandfather to bring up the topic of music since he loved to play two musical instruments. Low and behold…I picked up the tarot card that was related to music. When Kendra spoke she used words or sayings only my grandfather would say. Kendra gave me great insight and I would highly recommend her for a reading! — Bobby- Jo S.

My experience with Kendra was inspiring, and made me reflect on loved ones I’ve lost. It helped me come to terms with those that have passed. I am grateful for Kendra’s ability to help me release blocked energy, which has helped me heal mentally as well as physically. An unexpected result of my session with Kendra was the healing I got for the physical pain I was experiencing. After months of massage therapists, physiotherapy, and acupuncture, 1 session with Kendra released a deep pain I had been experiencing in my shoulder for months! Kendra was unaware of this pain prior to the session, but during the session she asked if I had injured my shoulder. She then told me the pain would release through my thumb in 2 weeks. At around that time my thumb felt like it was going to explode for 2 days. On the 3rd day I woke up and my shoulder and thumb pain were gone. This was my first session with a medium and I am grateful it was with Kendra. 

— Tom M.